About Us

About Us

Having been a journalist for over a quarter of a century, including time at 3AW, Radio 2WEB and now being at SBS for 20 years, I’ve seen how people react to dealing with the media. As the founder of Media Success, I provide customised media training solutions and work with individuals, companies and not-for-profits to help them get their voices heard in the media and achieve their PR goals.

I offer an insider’s perspective on how the media operates and how you can best position yourself to get your messages heard whether it’s on TV, radio, print news or online. No matter where you’re sharing your story, I can help you get your message across effectively, in a way that works for you and your business. 

Clients who’ve worked with me have learnt to conquer any fear and are able to look and sound great, keep their audience engaged and have them remember and act on what they say. When faced with a crisis, my clients’ staff have responded quickly and effectively to deal with the situation and protect their organisation’s reputation.

My clients have also learnt how to deliver a convincing appearance before a Senate committee, equipped to answer challenging and hostile questions in a calm, confident and assured manner. During Royal Commissions and Government Tribunals, they’ve maintained their honesty and demeanour during a hearing, effectively managing how they are perceived. Through intensive preparation, they’ve reduced the risk of reputational damage for the organisation they represent. You want to be certain that your business can weather any storm, so don’t leave it up to fate if something goes wrong. 

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Greg Dyett - Media Success Founder

The Benefits of
Media Training

with Media Success

The Benefits of Media Training

with Media Success

  • Look calm, relaxed and confident
  • Master body language
  • Get exactly the right messages across
  • Deal with even the most challenging questions
  • Never be misquoted
  • Learn how to craft irresistible news grabs for TV and radio or quotes for text stories
  • Generate real, tangible action from your interviews and presentations
  • Unlimited follow-up sessions and support for the next 12 months for the one fixed price

When trying to build the right rapport with the media, there are no second chances.

The only question is, are your company spokespeople up to the challenge?
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