Crisis Media Training

Professional Crisis Media Training

Crisis media training equips your company with the media skills you need to survive potential PR disasters. In the age of social media, business disruption and scandals can become world news in minutes.  It is therefore vital that businesses are ready and able to start interacting with the media as soon as crises manifest.

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What is Crisis Media Training?

When a crisis does manifest, representatives of your company will be put under intense scrutiny. Some will also have the added pressure of having to explain company actions and policies to a media hungry for information.

At Media Success, award-winning reporter and media producer Greg Dyett, helps Australian businesses prepare for crises preemptively.

In our hands-on media crisis training workshops, we look in-depth at how Australian businesses should interact with the media during times of crisis.

During training, we stage crisis drills that emulate real mainstream and social media reactions to crises.

Benefit from crisis-oriented spokesperson training designed to equip you with the skills necessary to craft appropriate media responses.

Learn why clear and effective internal and external communication is imperative when managing the fallout from negative PR.

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In every instance, our crisis media workshops will equip you with the tools and experience you need to manage your media relations to protect your reputation.

Media Crisis Training for
Different Crisis Scenarios

Every business crisis is different. Because of this, Media Success creates mock crisis scenarios specific to different business niches. In every case, our crisis scenarios are designed to be both realistic and 100% plausible.


Learn how to write and deliver appropriate media statements.


Benefit from training designed to help you and your employees cope with aggressive questioning and ambush interviews.

Practice Developing

Practice developing non-inflammatory responses to media questions when facts are limited.

Practice Realistic

Practice realistic TV, radio, online and print media interviews.

During crisis media training workshops, executives and senior managers also learn how to integrate media training into regular company training exercises. Should a real crisis occur, companies can be rest assured that all employees will know how to respond if approached by members of the media.

Crisis Media Training is Integral to

Modern Business Planning

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No Australian business knows what will happen tomorrow. But every Australian business will court controversy at some point.

Whatever crisis you might one day face, Media Success media crisis training ensures that you will always be ready to meet and respond to media fallout responsibly.

To protect your business reputation, inquire about one of our crisis media workshops today by calling 0425 732 763. Alternatively, email our team directly at

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