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We help you excel in media interviews

Every media interview puts your business reputation on the line and with professional media skills training, you can turn any media appearance to your advantage.

At Media Success, we help you excel in media interviews while simultaneously putting your company in the media spotlight for all the right reasons.


Media skills Training Is
Critical For Positive PR

When media appearances go awry, it can take years to recover from the PR fallout. It is imperative you and your front-line employees are able to master basic media interview skills, and handle media engagements with ease. At Media Success, we equip you with the media skills you need to turn any media appearance to your advantage.

Learn to speak

Learn to speak to the media confidently with intensive spokesperson training. 

Media relations

Our media relations course equips you with the skills you need to master even the most challenging of interview questions.

PR training

Use our PR training to learn how to successfully engage audiences and deliver effective soundbites/news grabs.

When trying to build the right rapport with
the media, there are no second chances.

The only question is, are your company spokespeople up to the challenge?

What our media Courses Cover

Media Success works with Australian and Asia-Pacific businesses to prepare company employees for all kinds of media appearances.

During our media skills coaching and PR training, we cover essential interview skills for TV, radio, and Internet streamed media appearances. In the process, our Media Success coaches can equip you with the skills you need to deal with even crisis media situations.

Why Media Success?

Handling yourself professionally and confidently during real-life media interviews takes real-life coaching.

To help you learn how to handle the media effortlessly, Media Success can host training workshops over Skype, Zoom or any other video calling platform, with unlimited follow-up sessions for the next 12 months.

In every case, our media trainers provide tailored communications coaching to any business niche and all kinds of interview contexts.

About Your
Media Mentor

Media Success is a consultancy founded by veteran journalist and radio and TV presenter, Greg Dyett. Over a quarter of a century’s worth of journalism experience has equipped him with insight on how to navigate your next media engagement, which he can provide your organisation, regardless of what industry you’re in. 

Whether it’s TV, radio, print or online – it’s important to be able to confidently respond to any questions thrown your way. Greg can show you how to navigate your next interview and come out the other side with an enhanced reputation, and soundbites that will make any journalist happy.

Greg Dyett

Media Mentor

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Hands-on Media Training for
Modern Businesses

Don’t just improve your media skills. Learn how to speak to the media with style, confidence and a rapport that commands respect. Leverage your media skills over those of your competitors. Call Media Success today on 0425 732 763. Alternatively, email our team at to schedule a free, no-obligation media skills consultation.
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