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Dealing with the media doesn’t have to be daunting. With close to 30 years experience in journalism, I want to pass on what I know to help you get the most out of your media interviews and presentations.

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Why Train with Media Success?

To be a great interviewee, you need an understanding of how the media works and what journalists want from an interview.

Our training will give you that insight and leave you feeling confident about dealing with the media and taking part in interviews across TV, Radio and Online.    

Confidence building is also at the heart of our presentation skills training so you can deliver engaging and memorable presentations.

Our other speciality is crisis communications where we will work with you to build and protect your organisation’s reputation.

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Media Success Training We Offer:

Media Training

At Media Success, our goal is making you look confident when being interviewed and enabling you to get your exact messages into the final stories on TV, Radio and Online.

This can be your reality when using our training techniques so you are always calm, confident and relaxed in front of the media.

Without proper training, you are likely to appear nervous, uncomfortable and awkward and your answers will be overly complex resulting in off message quotes or even no quotes at all!

Our training will help you achieve your media goals by building these skills:

  • Looking calm, confident and relaxed on camera so your appearance supports rather than detracts from your key messages.
  • Constructing and delivering your key messages.
  • Handling even the most challenging questions.
  • Creating and delivering media-friendly news grabs/sound bites so only your exact messages are quoted.

We start building these skills well before the day of our workshop with training materials sent in advance so you and your staff can get across much of the theory before we meet.

On the day of the workshop, every participant will take part in at least 10 on-camera training simulations which are replayed and reviewed. This intensive work results in dramatic improvements.

To consolidate and improve upon those skills post-training, all participants are encouraged to use the video function on their mobile phones to do regular on-camera rehearsal to continue building their confidence for presentations and media interviews.

Media Success provides two, one-hour follow-up sessions as part of our fully-customised training packages in the 12 months after our workshops for no additional charge.

To find out more about our media training workshops, please call Greg Dyett at Media Success today on 0425 732 763 or email

Presentation Training

Imagine delivering a keynote presentation where you keep your audience engaged, they remember your key points and then act on them.

By using our training techniques, this can be your reality.

Our presentation workshops will teach you how to manage any nerves and present with poise.

Great presenters are made not born and anyone can master the techniques needed to be an engaging and memorable presenter.

Our training will help you do just that by building these skills:

  • Managing nerves so you are calm, confident and relaxed
  • Knowing your audience and being audience focused
  • Mastering body language and eye contact
  • Choosing the most effective key points
  • Using storytelling to support each message to make them memorable
  • Using PowerPoint and other visual aids effectively so they support rather than detract from your presentation
  • Employing calls to action

To find out more about our presentation training workshops, please call Greg Dyett at Media Success today on 0425 732 763 or email

Crisis Media

Just as you insure your home against fires and floods, your organisation needs ‘insurance’ against a crisis which can strike at any time and has the potential to do irreparable damage to your brand and bottom line.

At Media Success, we can help protect your organisation’s reputation by working with you to create a crisis media plan.

The plan can then be put to the test during one of our crisis media workshops where members of your organisation will be confronted by a simulated crisis and learn the most effective ways of responding.

The training teaches participants ways of working proactively with the media on issues management to try to prevent the crisis from escalating.
The stakes are high during a crisis and organisations need to ensure they respond in a timely way to protect their reputations. This includes the systematic use of social and traditional media to try to influence the narrative.

For example, how would your organisation respond to a data breach where confidential client information is posted online?

That is just one example of a myriad of problems that could confront your organisation with little or no warning.

Crisis Management Essentials

  • Decide who will speak on behalf of your organisation during a crisis and make sure they have the rights skills and media training.
  • Test your crisis media plan regularly and make any essential refinements.
  • Learn how to handle the media by taking part in specialist media and crisis communications training.
  • Know what you will need to say in specific crisis scenarios.
  • Review your response after a crisis and make any essential improvements.

Our workshops will include real-life examples of crisis management failures and examples where organisations have effectively defended their brand and reputation.

The examples are used to reinforce the importance of making sure your organisation is properly prepared for when a crisis strikes so your staff is able to respond effectively to get the best outcomes.

To find out more about the importance of investing in your organisation’s reputation by being crisis ready, please call Greg Dyett at Media Success today on 0425 732 763 or email