Royal Commissions And
Government Tribunals

Royal Commissions And Government Tribunal Media Skills

Australians with no public speaking experience or formal media skills can find themselves called to appear before a Royal Commission or government tribunal. Such experiences can be nerve-wracking. This doesn’t have to be the case, which is where Media Success can help.

Tribunal Witness & Spokesperson Training

Organisations summoned to appear at a Royal Commission or tribunal will often call on witnesses to support their testimony. However, these witnesses can feel easily intimidated by tribunal procedures and their time in the public spotlight.

Tribunal Witness & Spokesperson Training

To help organisations better prepare for Royal Commissions and tribunals, we help put witnesses’ nerves at ease.

What Does Media Success Provide?

Media Success can equip your business with the relevant skills and spokesperson training to appear at a Royal Commission. In doing so, we equip individuals liaising with the media during tribunals with the skills necessary to mitigate negative PR.

How Royal Commissions Training Works?

Media Success Royal Commissions and tribunal training is provided by award-winning journalist, Greg Dyett. Our team meticulously researches the issues to ensure witnesses are properly prepared. You don’t want to appear defensive in front of a Royal Commission like Dr Ken Henry AC, or it can affect how the public sees you. It pays to be prepared.

How do we ensure you're ready to face a Royal Commission?

We conduct on-camera question and answer sessions. In each instance, we emulate the way questions will be presented in real tribunal hearings.

During Training

During training, we equip witnesses with the skills necessary to answer questions confidently and succinctly.

camera footage replays

Using camera footage replays, we will coach witnesses how to present with confidence and carefully controlled body language.

key messages

Training will identify key messages which witnesses should attempt to relay during questioning.

Better Inquiry Preparedness Results in More Favourable Outcomes

Showing no fear or defensiveness during a Royal Commission or tribunal is key to surviving the process. To find out more, call Greg Dyett now on 0425 732 763. Alternatively, email one of our team directly at