Presentation Training

Presentation Training

Confident and effective presentation skills are key to delivering value propositions to investors and consumers. However, speaking with power and persuasiveness doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Media Success presentation training can help change this.

What is

Presentation Training?​

What is

Presentation Training?​

How Does Media Success Presentation Training Work?

Media Success helps sharpen the public speaking skills of students, CEOs, salespeople, and business professionals. To start, we provide customised training resources to course participants ahead of workshops. Typically, course materials will cover everything from effective audience research to all-important presentation and speech writing.

Once presentation training has commenced via Skype, Zoom or any other video calling platform you prefer, we will focus on practical public speaking practice. During this time, attendees will learn how to convey ideas powerfully to any audience in any public speaking context.

Master delivery

Master delivery of high-impact dialogue and storytelling during several live video rehearsals at our studio.

body language

Learn how to master your body language to add more character and gravitas to presentations.

Gain insights

Gain insights into practical ways to overcome last-minute nerves and anxiety when speaking in public.
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Ongoing Presentation

Training Support and Guidance

At Media Success, we know that successful presentation training is part of an ongoing process. Some of our students take naturally to public speaking. For others, presentation skills post-training might still require some tweaking.

To guarantee 100% course satisfaction, Media Success provides each of our presentation training students with unlimited follow-up training sessions for the 12 months after our workshops.  

During follow-up training sessions, we’ll look at how successful you have been putting your new public speaking skills into practice. We’ll then discuss what you have found difficult before we attempt to tackle lingering problems with further training.

Master Effective
Public Speaking

by Eliminating Fear and Anxiety

The idea of delivering impromptu and prepared speeches can strike fear into the hearts of even top CEOs. But public speaking is an increasingly in-demand skill in business.

Face your fears and benefit from presentation training guaranteed to help you find your voice. To secure your place in one of our workshops, call now on 0425 732 763. Alternatively, email one of our team at

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