Royal Commissions and Government Tribunals

Intensive preparation is essential when faced with the scrutiny that comes with appearing before a Royal Commission, tribunal or court hearing.

All witnesses must tell the truth and their demeanour during the hearing can have a significant bearing on how they are perceived.

The former chairman of the National Australia Bank, Doctor Ken Henry AC has recognised that appearing defensive before the banking royal commission was a public relations disaster.

Watch this ABC report with examples of Dr Henry appearing defensive in the face of rigorous cross-examination by Rowena Orr QC.

An organisation required to appear before one of these hearings must ensure its witnesses are properly prepared because the risk of reputational damage is immense.

Media Success offers one-on-one or group workshops to help your staff be ready for this challenging environment.

We will conduct deep research on the subject matter likely to be put before your staff and work with them to form constructive responses to the likely lines of questioning.

Our preparation includes an evaluation of the evidence and the submissions put to the inquiry, an assessment of all the key stakeholders and their positions and an analysis of prior media coverage and commentary.

It is only after all this research has been completed that we conduct on camera simulations and provide the necessary feedback so that your staff are thoroughly prepared to face intense questioning.

If you would like to talk about how we can help you prepare, please call Greg Dyett at Media Success today on 0425 732 763 or email