Why I Love The Clients Who Don’t Pay


Screwed over by the system with no other option but to go to the media.

During my time as a journalist, I’ve seen many people in that category and they’ve often suffered financially while trying to solve seemingly intractable problems. Sometimes, they’ll get lucky and a lawyer or other professional will offer to help them pro bono.

Last year, I was contacted by an individual who saw no other option but to go to the media after their attempts to ‘play nicely’ with the bureaucracy failed to get a satisfactory result.

Having already lost thousands of dollars, paying for media training wasn’t an option.

But just as people like Julian Burnside QC have been able to help desperate people with free legal advice, I realised I was now in a position to follow suit and offer pro bono media consultancy services to worthy causes.

I look after all my clients no matter what they’re paying, but there’s additional satisfaction when I can help someone who just needs a break.

If you think you have a ‘worthy cause’, please contact me to see if I can help you either pro bono or for a heavily discounted fee. You can find out more about our media training here.


Greg Dyett